Club Annual Tournaments

We are proud to host two open tournaments per year which are very popular with both our own archers and archers from far afield.

Our winter tournament is held indoors in January with a Portsmouth round shot at 20 yards.

Our outdoor tournament is held in July with rounds of St George, Albion or Windsor shot at various distances from 20 to 100 yards. Both tournaments are very well attended.

Many of our members also travel to external tournaments to support other clubs in the area, and winning medals in both Senior and Junior categories.

  • Clacton Archers - Open tournament Sunday 6th July 2014 - 
  • Clacton Archers - Sunday 11th January 2015 Tournament
  • Clacton Archers - Sunday 05th July 2015 Tournament 
  • Clacton Archers -Sunday 17th January 2016 Tournament
  • clacton Archers - Open Tournament Sunday 3rd July 2016 St George, Albion & Windsor rounds. £8 per senior/£5 Juniors
  • Clacton Archers - Open Tournament Sunday 2nd July 2017   St George, Albion & Windsor rounds. £8 per senior/£5 Juniors


External Tournaments

 Clacton Archers - if you wish to book external tournaments please contact  Bruce Parker 

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